Estate Appraisals

What happens when you find yourself named the executor of someone’s estate? A lot! First, I’ll say you have my condolences on the loss of your loved one. Even if you barely knew Great Uncle Hector, you’re about to.

At a stressful time for your family, you’ve been handed a super-stressful job. An attorney and/or an accountant will be asking you to pull together wills, deeds, verifications, values, and a general accounting of the assets and liabilities of the deceased. You need a retrospective appraisal, or a value as-of the date of death of the owner. We can provide that for you!

You may be doing this in the immediate shock and grief after the death of a loved one. If you are still in the probate stage of an estate, you will need detailed, market-supported numbers to provide to the probate court.

You may be doing it five years later when one of the grandchildren suddenly decides they’re tired of paying their share of the annual property tax on Great Uncle Hector’s hunting cabin or beach house. We have the data and tools required to complete these assignments whether the date of death was last month, last year, or back in the 1990’s.


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